September 2018: the movie Le Poulain comes out on French cinema screens, and with it, my first film poster.
September 20, 2018 : Actors of the TV series Un Si Grand Soleil pose for photographs after a screening and talk organized by TV channel France Télévision, Montpellier.
July 27, 2018 : Les Wampas giving a concert at the théâtre de la Mer, Sète.
27/03-03/04 2018 : photographing Escale à Sète, a festival of maritime tradition taking place once every two years in the harbour city of Sète.
March 2018: The photographs I have taken on the movie set of Cornelius, Le Meunier Hurlant, directed by Yann Le Quellec, are presented in a touring exhibition accompanying the screening of the movie in the cinemas in the South of France
February 15-25, 2018: Feb 9-19, 2016 : covering the Berlinale film festival for the organisers (portrayed here by Ali Ghandtschi)
October 2017 : Taking stills on Mathieu Sapin's first feature film, Le Poulain (drawing by Sandra Vérine)
July 2017: Louis Picamoles' first days back with Montpellier Hérault Rugby team
July 9th, 2016: I've had the pleasure to receive Agnès Varda for a tour of the exhibition Plus Belle La Ville, in Sète
June 17th - July 16th 2017: Plus Belle La Ville, solo exhibition, mixing sound and photography, at La Chapelle du Quartier Haut, Sète, France
May 2017: Safia, 14, appeared as a baby in La Graine et le Mulet, shot ten years ago in her district, l'Île de Thau in Sète. This portrait is part of an exhibition project entitled Plus Belle La Ville
January 2017: a concentrated auditor listens to a speech during an event organized by the Family, a long-term strategic investor that empowers entrepreneurs through education, services, and capital
January 2017: First snowy week-end of the winter season, families are taking over Gorlitzer Park, Berlin
Oct-Nov 2016: Set photography on Alice Douard's first feature film Robin, soon to be release on Arte. The movie is shot in and around Sète and I couldn't be happier to photograph the team working in La Pointe Courte, a disctrict full of filmic memories
November 12, 2016: the Montpellier Herault Rugby team celebrates its victory in the changing room after a game against Lyon Olympique Universitaire
October 8th, 2016: Mohed Altrad, president of Montpellier Hérault Rugby team, smokes a cigar on the side of the pitch while talking to vice-director for marketing Mathieu Charpentier, minutes before a game against Castres
October 1st, 2016: Baptiste Genoyer (scenographer) places a portrait of Yvan Watremez on a wall in the Altrad Stadium
The dyptich is part of a set of images aquired by Montpellier Rugby Club and comes to replace the set from the previous season
August 13, 2016 : Demi Portion on stage at the théâtre de la Mer, Sète
July 30, 2016: Best friends get married : the honor to be both the witness and the photographer of this event
July 10th, 2016 : Stumbling onto a joust tournament on my way to the office
July 8th, 2016 : Opening party of Sunsète cinema festival at A.C.D. beach club, Sète
June 12, 2016 : Paul Willemse talks to the press after the quarter final play-off game opposing MHR To Castres Olympique in the Top 14 championship, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier
May 22, 2016 : players, staff and their families celebrate MHR's victory in the Challenge Cup at a garden party thrown by the club's president Mohed Altrad
May 13th, 2016: Benoît Paillaugue and Fulgence Ouedraogo in the hands of friends from the Pic Saint Loup rugby school celebrating the MHR's victory in the Challenge Cup final against Harlequins, Grand Stade de Lyon, France.
April 8th, 2016 : Portrait of Mathieu Robin for Languedoc Roussillon Cinéma
April 1rst, 2016 : Bismark and Jannie Du Plessis during the Top 14 championship game between MHR Montpellier Herault Rugby and Brive, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier, France
Gilles, running the kitchen of Altrad Stadium's Brasserie, March 31rst, 2016.
March 13, 2016 : Alternative carnival in Sète, France
March 2016 : to accompany the cinema release of Léa Fehner's new film Les Ogres, a printed publication and postcards have been designed by Languedoc Roussillon Cinéma. An exhibition of 20 images has been printed on canvas and is touring local cinemas.
Feb 9-19, 2016 : covering the Berlinale film festival for the organisers
January 17, 2016 : Mamadou Zangré, 26, on his way back from Manevire village, after 30 km of laterite dust-road, halfway through his return to Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.
January 15, 2016 : Models and organisers backstage at the Salle des Banquets of Ouaga2000 district, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, few minutes before the cancellation of the event due to the unfolding attacks.
October 24, 2015 : Robins Tchale Watchou scores a try during the Top 14 championship game between MHR Montpellier Herault Rugby and ASM Clermont, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier, France
Spending most of the month of August with family
Timoci Nagusa during a workout, Montpellier, August 27th, 2015
Yvan Watremez photographed before and after a game against Pau, Altrad Stadium, August 13th 2015.
Clement Castets and Anthony Floch stand in ice-cold water after winning a friendly game against Aurillac in Millau, August 7, 2015
Girls were present on the arena's floor during a night of bull games at Castries village fair, August 6th, 2015
After the assignment for Nzz Am Sontag, I felt like going back to Lunel on National day (July 14th)
June 2015: : in Monaco for a corporate assignment
June 2015 : taking stills and behind the scenes videos on the making of Waiting for You, shot partly in the the South of France. Pictured here: Ben Greenacre, line producer, overlooking the shooting of an exterior scene.
June 2015 : Nzz Am Sontag asked me to spend two days photographing the city of Lunel in link with numerous departures for the Djihad.
June 2015: : photographing the World Gas Conference, in Paris. Pictured here: Gazprom's stand shows girls playing volleyball
May 2015 : Medhi Savalli in the arenas of Béziers for a charity event of corrida.
May 2015 : In Nîmes, for the anual historical reconstitution of the city's Roman times
March 3, 2015: Anthony Tuitavake and Rene Ranger just after the Top 14 championship game between MHR Montpellier Herault Rugby and La Rochelle, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier.
February 28, 2015 : La Paillade district's 50 years birthday festivities, Montpellier.
February 18, 2015 : The traditional day of "Pailhasses" unfolds in Cournonterral (South of France), as every year on Ash Wednesday since 1346, as the legend goes
February 10, 2015, Berlin. Wim Wenders beside Lilah Fitzgerald blinded by the photographers' flashes at the Red Carpet.
January 2015 : Agnès Varda comes back to the locations of Sans Toit ni Loi, 30 years after its making.
January 3, 2015 : Ben Lucas drinks beer from a shoe after his victory against Toulon, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier.
Tom Donnelly, on the last training of 2014.
December 2014 : discovering Bike Polo with an informal game practice on Place Dionysos, Montpellier
December 20, 2014 : Fabien Galthié, manager of Montpellier Herault Rugby team, interviewed after its winning game against Toulouse, Altrad Stadium, Montpellier.
December 4, 2014 : Antoine Petat, human resources teacher at Sciences Pô Paris, gives a tuition to Romain, a Masters student, at the end of a two days practical study.
November 2014 : I filmed an interview Of Anthony Dod Mantle for Canon Europe, it can be watched here:
October 2014 : I've been honored with access to Léa Fehner's new movie set. Since the pictures are confidential, I'll only show an afterwork basket ball duel between the film crew (the focus-puller, pictured here) and the local club.
October 2014 : I've photographed 22 professionals in the Film industry, the result is online at :
Even the Scottish didn't look so thrilled by the European Championship rugby game, at Altrad Stadium on October 25th, 2014.
October 15th - November 15th 2014: Dreamland, solo exhibition at Le Lac Gelé galery, Nîmes, France
October 2014 : Regional Art grant awarded to my project Dreamland, as presented in the magazine Offshore
Sept 2014 : More than the exhibitions, portfolio-reviews and hand shakes, Visa Pour l'Image is for me the chance to look into some of the best photojournalists' eyes. Tom Stoddart for the Red Dot Agency.
May 2014 : our interview with Jean Luc Godard is released on the CPN website :
May 2014 : Getting acquainted with Montpellier Rugby team, first game photographed in a series of a dozen as part of a collaboration with the MHR rugby Club.
April 2014 : photographing the street art festival ZAT for the city of Montpellier, in the district of Malbosc.
April 2014 : following Rara Woulib's performers in the streets of Montpellier as part of ZAT Street Art Festival.
April 2014 : In Nyon for the opening of my personal exhibition at the gallery Focale.
The exhibition runs from the 26th of April until the 8th of June.
There was a lot of Grandeur to photograph during the annual Bal of Polytechnique School, but this picture will remain my favorite. Paris, April 4, 2014
March 2014 : In Paris following up on personal project with elite school students. Pictured here : Benoît Hamon at Vélizy's market to support Amroze Adjuvard's candidature for local elections, March 15th 2014.
March 2014 : at la Panacée art center for a weekend of happenings and performances, Montpellier, France.
March 2014 : spending the day with Christian Carni-Molla, head of a training center for guide dogs in Eze, near Nice, France.
March 2014 : taking stills on the making of Enguerran Prieu's short movie Tuyauteries inavouables.
February 2014 : in Avignon on assignment for Via magazine, and the sun is shining.
February 2014 : photographing the Berlin International Film Festival for the Red Dot Agency / Canon Professional Network. Pictured here : Christopher Doyle.
December 2013 : while some photographed Mandela's funerals, I photographed my sister in law's wedding. Here is my own favorite one
The day following Mandela's death, Troy Changfoot in Long Street, December 5th 2013.
November 2013 : photographing the street art festival ZAT7 for the city of Montpellier.
October : spending time in Paris on a personal project. Pictured here, Students of Polytechnique school support their team during a sport tournament between engineering schools from the group Paristech, hosted by HEC.
October 2013 : getting to know the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in Montpellier, for a multimedia piece presented during the street-art festival ZAT.
October 2013 : spending the day experiencing Gerona's culinary delights for Afisha Mir magazine, like at the Rocas brothers' restaurant, pictured here.
September 2013 : photographing a weekend of exhibits and happenings at La Panacée, art center in Montpellier. Pictured here is a light and sound installation signed 1024 Architecture
September 2013 : backstage at 2+2=5 festival in Montpellier, following Les Pleureuses music band.
September 2013 : covering Visa pour l'Image photo-journalism Festival for The Red Dot Agency. Picture : John G. Morris photographed during Don McCullin's press conference in the Palais des Congrès, Perpignan, France, 4 September 2013
August 2013 : Photographing the Saint Louis Festivities in Sète, as part of a four-days workshop with Gilles Favier at Maison de l'Image Documentaire.
June 2013 : taking stills on the new Set&Match video-clip directed by Valentin Petit and David Lachéroi
June 2013 : pictures of La Panacée in the Art Center's press file
June 2013 : pictures of La Panacée in the Art Center's press file
June 2013 : pictures of La Panacée in the Art Center's press file
June 2013 : New addition to my Dreamland project, a picture taken on the making of N'importe Qui, a feature film directed by Raphaël Frydman, starring Rémi Gaillard, and produced by Why Not productions
May 2013 : photographing Vincent et Bruno Boileau-Autin, the first french gay married couple. Montpellier, 29/05/2013
May 2013 : a picture taken on the movie set of Venimos de muy Lejos is published in La Nacion
May 2013 : In Cluny to spend a few days with the students of Arts et Métiers engineering school
May 2013 : Arts festival in Rue d'Ulm, Paris, organized by l'école Normale.
April 2013 : photographing the World Press Photo Awards 2013 in Amsterdam for the Red Dot Agency (Paul Hansen posing in front of his winning image, pictured here)
April 2013 : photographing the street art festival ZAT6 for the city of Montpellier
March 2013 : the music band Highway performing in its new video clip in Ganges, directed by Enguerran Prieu
March 2nd 2013 : opening of Montpellier's photo festival Les Boutgraphies, which presents my series on local fairs.
February2013 : photographing on set of Eli Solitaire's new video-clip, directed by JB Durand and produced by Lesterfilm
February 2013 : in Paris pursuing personal project about youth in elite schools
February 2013 : on assignment for the Red Dot Agency / Canon photographing Berlin Film Festival (Ken Loach, pictured here)
January 2013 : Photographing the making of the feature-film From the Inside, directed by Guilhem Sendras
December 2012 : in Paris for a new project about elite schools (here, students of engineer school Centrale Paris)
November 2012 : covering ZAT street-art festival in Montpellier.
October 2012 : photographing the making of the new music clip of the band Les Pleureuses.
September 2012 : photographing Oenobrands team members for the rebranding of the company's website. Photo by Steven Morlier.
September 2012 : covering Visa Pour l'Image photo-journalism festival for the Red-dot agency / Canon Professional Network.
August : photographing Sasha Slater's holidays in Aveyron for Eurostar Metropolitan magazine.
July - August : working on personal project, photographing near-by village fairs.
June 2012 : opening picture for the spring issue of Genre, Sexualité et Société magazine.
June 2012 : article in local magazine TipTop about current exhibition.
04/05/2012 - 20/05/2012 : personal exhibition : Dreamland. Gallery Saint Ravy, Montpellier. France.
04/05/2012 - 20/05/2012 : personal exhibition : Dreamland. Gallery Saint Ravy, Montpellier. France.
May, 4rth- May, 20th 2012: Dreamland, solo exhibition, Gallery Saint Ravy, Montpellier, France